my heart is like a zoo

my heart is like a zoo,
eager as a beaver,
steady as a yak,
hopeful as a hungry heron,
silly as a seal,
rugged as a moose,
happy as a herd of hippos drinking apple juice,
snappy as a crab,
angry as a bear,
bothered as a bull with a hornet in its hair,
cool as a penguin,
crafty as a fox,
quiet as a caterpillar wearing knitted socks,
frightened as a rabbit,
jumpy as a frog,
gloomy as a lone coyote walking in the fog,
brave as a lion,
thoughtful as an owl,
peaceful as a portly walrus lounging on a towel,
cozy as a clam,
chatty as a jay,
tired as a zookeeper who’s had a busy day.

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